It has been quite a while now.

I just realized, this evening,  that it has been almost a year since I last posted anything.  Now,  do not think it is because I have run out of things/fragrances/topics to speak/write about.  No, that is never the case.  I just felt that there are so many blogs in the world, do I really need to share my thoughts also.  Well, yes, yes I do need to share my thoughts; thoughts especially pertaining to fragrance.

Even though there are myriad blogs devoted to beauty and many others devoted to fragrance, they are just sometimes a bit similar in content.  This is sometimes a good thing, but when dealing with vintage perfumes/fragrances there needs to be a different voice.  Do I consider my voice on the subject different, why yes I do.  One simple thing differentiates my musings on fragrance from those of others; fragrance is truly an intrinsic part of my life.  Many, many people love fragrances, the industry would not be a multi-billion dollar/euros force it is if people did not.  The thing is though, I did not learn about scent, nor did I discover it along the path of life.  I was pretty much “baptized” in scent from the time I was a baby.

Now I was never actually baptized in any literal sense of the word, but I was baptized with scent as a baby.  The scent in particular was Estée Lauder Youth Dew, it was also the bath oil; my mother alway had a bottle of Youth Dew bath oil on her vanity, along with many other fabulous “classic” scents.  When my mother would bathe me as a baby, I was told, she always noticed how warm and musky my skin-scent was.  One day she thought it would be luscious smelling, on my baby soft skin, if she added some Youth Dew to the bath water.  Lo and behold a parfumista was born.  Even though I was around an half year old, it was my fragrance birthing/awakening.  As mama has told me many times since, “I never knew that small splash of Youth Dew bath oil would create such a love/addiction of perfumes.”  But, addiction to fragrances it did start.

Now when I say addiction, I actually use the term closer in meaning to passion, yet passion is too tame a term for what I feel for fragrances.  In regards to fragrances, it was always the grand classics that made my heart sing.  The glorious ones my mama adored from the 40’s and 50’s were my first loves, along with many older ones she also adored.  We had Arpege de Lanvin, Je Reviens de Worth, Femme de Rochas, Chantilly de Houbigant (vintage of course) and so many others including one of her newer loves Mystere de Rochas; of course Mystere de Rochas is now a classic in its own right.

So this is the reason I have decided to resume writing about scent.  For me it is not just something I enjoy, for me fragrance/parfum is a defining part of who I am.  From those very first drops of Youth Dew, all the way up to the point of owning a 500+ bottle fragrance collection! to the present day.  I now maintain a well curated collection of scents numbering in the mid 200s; having realized I did not “love” all of the scents I owned, I parted with many so that others could find and enjoy a special fragrance the had loved.  Now I will focus on sharing my “musing” on my favorite scents, ones which I adore that others may not know about, or maybe are not as familiar with.  Then there are some which are written about, but I feel the scent in a much different way.

i do hope you will join me in this adventure and please feel free to share your fragrant thoughts and memories with me also.