Am I tired of Aldehydes? Detchema by Revillon has me wondering.

For years I have adored vintage fragrances, almost to the point of mania at times. The majority of my fragrance collection comprises aldehyde powerhouses, those delicious nose tingling additions to any scent which hel tp give it sparkle and shine. I like to think of aldehydes as the fragrance equivelant of bubbles in champagne. They add a certain something that can not be pin-pointed, yet they help to create the overall impression of elegance and polish.

Now that being said, I usually adore aldehydes and would prefer a healthy dose in my fragrances. But for some reason, lately I am just not enjoying the aldehydes as much as usual. I am actually seeking out my scents that are veering more towards the ambery and spicy; which is a strange thing to veer towards in scent during the warmer/hotter summer months.

I find myself reaching for scents I usually would wear during the cooler months; Youth Dew, Mitsouko, Opium, Noel au Balcon, etc… This is so out of character for me that I am actually wondering if I am going through any physiological changes that are causing this change in olfactory desires.

Yesterday I wore vintage Detchema by Revillon, a truly glorious scent in the classic Grand French Tradition of parfums. It is the older version, the one in the white box with pink and gold, not the 80’s version in the box that is red, black and gold, which tends to be a bit more fruity. I would normally have my nose firmly attached to my wrist from the moment I put this on until it started to dry down and wear after an hour or so. This time, I noticed that I avoided being to close to the scent immediately after applying it, but today I am still sniffing my wrist and crook ok my elbow and swooning over the BaseNotes that are still lingering.

While I always enjoy the way a scent wears and do enjoy the drydown and base notes, I find myself really not wanting to apply a scent yet today because the lingering notes are so delightful. I am being intoxicated by these sweet, soft, caramely, scotch-like notes.

Some of the notes in Detchema are; aldehydes, Peach, Neroli, Hyacinth, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Carnation, Lily of the valley, Orris, Sandal, Vetiver, and Tonka. I am not too sure if this is the same for the original as the reformulated, but it sounds close to the version I own, which is the original.  

While I simply adore all the notes in this scent and could bathe in each note individually (usually), at the moment it is just the heavier notes that are drawing me in.  The orris, sandalwood, tonka and Vetiver are just moving me so much.

I guess if you are a lover of spicy scents or of floral scents, Detchema is a wonderful combination of both, but if you have patience, the base notes will be an especially worthwhile treat.

Maybe I am not truly done with my aldehydic fragrances, maybe I just need to see them more as just the ephemeral bubbles in the scent rather than the main component.


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