I am someone who has always had a passion for things of beauty, especially fragrances.  Whether it be the human voice (singing/Opera) , fine arts, architecture or the art of scent, I always find the beauty in it.

I will try to share my thoughts and emotions with you as I am experiencing different scents. I tend to be especially fond of vintage scents and vintage Caron scents are an especially glorious fragrance journey to enjoy.  The house of Rochas and the house of Molyneux are also amongst my favorites.

If there is any information I could provide on a given scent, or help anyone locate one, please let me know.


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  1. I am a black narcissus follower. Whats happened to Neil there has been nothing for over 2 weeks???? do you know anything???

    • I have not heard anything from him either. I will try to email him again tomorrow and see how things are. I hope all is fine with him, the typhoons in Japan are a little worrying. I will let you know anything I find out. Take care.

      • Thanks for answering me . I really miss his blogs even if i dont read them all they have become part of my life… such a kind knowledgeable and giving person.. I hope hes OK he could just drained and suffering from creative ennui. I have learnt such a lot from all you people..him, you feral jasmine, nina kane , brie, etc etc you are all so interesting. Typhoons in Japan arent really that big.. just a lot of wind and rain..or thats been my experience. Its probably not the typhoons but something more personal he gives such a lot to so many people.. Duncan sounds like a real honey as well. Best wishes jenny redhen in NZ.

    • Hi Jenny
      Sorry I did not reply sooner, but as you may have seen Neil is posting again. You were correct, he was in need of a bit of time to gather his thoughts. He has already posted 2 reviews, so I think he might be feeling a bit more himself as of late.
      I see you are from NZ, that is fab. One of my favorite professors is from NZ, she now resides in HK. I used to love hearing about NZ from her and always planned to visit one day, you will have to let me know what time of year is best.
      If you ever have a fragrance question, or are looking for a long discontinued scent, please let me know. On BaseNotes I was known as the Queen of Vintage and I pride myself on living up to that moniker.
      Hopefully we will chat again soon, it has been my pleasure. Oh, I will also be launching a new blog and I will be doing a lot of vintage fragrance reviews, along with some fabulous newer scent; just love the new Kilian collection, the trio really moves me.
      Do take care and keep in touch

      • thanks brielle. How do I keep in touch….. just by following your blog? When you come to visit NZ you must came and see me. The geography of NZ is very similar to Japan,. It is longish and and thinnish like japan and has 2 main islands and one smaller island… the climate ranges from sub tropical in the north to sub antarctic in the South. The time of year to visit depends on what you want to do. If you want to ski come in NZs winter but if you want beaches and to relax come in the summer. Where do you live? I ask because quite possibly our summer corresponds with your winter. I am going to Washington DC on 30 Dec ( NZ summer U S winter ) as my son and his fiancee live there and have just had twin girls( last week) . Her mother is going for just over 2 months then I am going do you sell Vintage perfumes? If so what do you have available?? Nice to hear from you Jenny

      • Just follow here if that works, I will try to have my new blog up and running soon. It may be a couple of years till NZ but I would love to meet up. I guess I would want to go in the warmer months, considering we are now headed toward winter and I am dreaming of a glorious warm body of water right now. Guess that brings me to where I live. I live in the states, New Hampshire to be exact. If you would be making any stops in Boston while coming to the states in Decembre I would love to show you around. It does seem more logical though that you would just be heading into DC. I am sure that will be a glorious time. Congratulations on your grandchildren, twins what a treat.
        As far as selling, I have been downsizing my collection for a few years now; 400+ fragrances was a wee bit too many. I only have a few put aside at the moment, I am usually collecting vintage scents, but it has just become too tedious to have them all and not give each the proper love and wearing. I might have a vintage Detchema by Revillon, and a few Coty scents, I really would have to check. Let me know if there are any you have been looking for and I will see what I have.
        Looking forward to chatting soon. Don’ forget to let me know if you will be coming into Boston par chance on your visit.

  2. My son and fiancee used to live in Boston and I was there in 2011. I dont think I will be going to Boston this time unfortunately. It will be pretty much “all hands on deck” helping look after the twins in Washington.Thanks for your kind offer though. I will be going from our mid summer to Washington mid winter… I am going to stop over in Rarotonga for 4 days on the way back for a dose of the tropics .. What do you do in Boston besides collect perfume??? Its always good to collect something because later you can liquidate the collection and make a profit.. so you make money as well as have the enjoyment of the collection. We had a series of big earthquakes here from september 2010 to december 2011 which has pretty much destroyed the whole city and smashed most peoples possessions. it has been a very liberating experience ( as well as an extremely fustrating experience) we all got insurance money for our broken things and now dont even miss them. you could sell quite a few perfumes and use the $$$ to go to japan and go to all those places Ginza talks about to restock at bargain prices..I went to that Salvation army 2nd hand shop when I was there earlier this year. It was fascinating. We got there about 10.30am so a lot of the amazing bargains had sold on them… then at 11am they unloaded about 50 big boxes of handbags and they were all 200yen = $2US. it was quite a scrum…. An orderly Japanese Scrum!!!! I got a crocodile skin handbag ..from the 1940s probably with a snakeskin purse inside it they would probably sell for about $35 US total here. anyway there was no perfume much that day.. but ginza mentions a lot of different places doesnt he?. I know you would love Japan. Anyone with any appreciation of aesthetics would love Japan. A friend of mine told me about that salvation army second hand shop in Tokyo. I googled it and thats how I discovered the Black Narcissus as his blog came up. Travel in Japan is very easy. japanese people travel around in japan a lot so there are many perfectly adequate hotels that are reasonably priced., the yen has dropped a lot over the last 20 -25 years so things are comparatively much cheaper than they used to be. Do you know anyone alse in japan besides Neil/ginza
    I wont keep raving at you. I will let you know re perfumes .
    Have a great Day

    • Isn’t that interesting that they lived in Boston just a few years ago, such a small world. I am sure you will have a lovely time in DC, hopefully there will be some time to see the sights. The tropical stop over on the way back will be delightful, after an east coast blast of winter here in the states.
      As far as things to do in Boston, well, there is not too terribly much. I do enjoy Chinatown immensely and the posh shops on Newbury street and the Back Bay Area are nice also. I am french originally and have travelled back and forth to the states most of my life, I guess Boston is rather quaint in my opinion. I enjoy it mostly because it is there, not because I really love it. Last year I was in Hong Kong, now that is a place I absolutely loved. Truly an exciting place to be.
      So sorry about the damage the earthquakes caused, but I do appreciate the liberating qualities of the destruction you expressed. I find myself becoming overwhelmed with “stuff” and really want to pare down all of my possessions. Too much of anything is a bit overwhelming and detracting to existence. I am trying to really let go of so many of my possessions, especially scents, so that I may live a more zen like existence.
      Your experience in Japan sounds fabulous. I am absolutely tingling with excitement to go. Unfortunately I have an elderly mother in poor health, so hubby and I have to work around that. Thank goodness we were able to travel to HK last year though. The interesting thing about the Salvation Army here in the states, the items are pretty awful. Americans are notorious gluttons and mostly for junk. They fill their homes with such garbage and mediocre items that eventually end up in second hand shops. Only once did I find a scent in a Salvation Army, but thank goodness it was a lovely one; Fleeting Moment for only $5 USD, that was a miracle. I am sure I will be delighted with what I may find in Japan, but more delighted to think of just experiencing Japanese culture up close. I really wish my Japanese was more polished, but I guess a very basic knowledge of the language could be useful. Outside of Neil I really do not know anyone else in Japan, but it will be nice to meet him and Duncan and see their world first hand. He writes about it all so vividly, I feel as if I am there.
      Well let me know of any scents you may be looking for, I will help you to find them, or hopefully gave them myself.
      Take care

      • Hi my mother was in ill health for 5 years before she died. so i know what you mean. Its not easy to get away in that situation. I am not seeking any extra perfume at present but I will keep your kind offer in mind. You dont need to speak any Japanese in order to go there as most people speak english especially in the more popular areas. Looks like Neil is still off line. that last review was written by someone else. He could have burnt out.. he gave so much of himself to so many people.some people were quite demanding and he was very kind to them. the Perfumed Dandy is a laugh as well… he doesnt give as much away but very entertaining .. also the Candy Perfume boy… such a subculture!!!

  3. You are are very welcome to come to NZ as well. Its always nice to know someone in a country as they can point you in the right direction re good things to do etc.

  4. So sorry to hear about your poor mother being ill for so long before passing. It does take a toll on the caregiver, I can tell you that honestly. We are going to look into respite care, which allow us a bit of freedom, once she us through with this round of chemotherapy. She lives with us and we could never leave her alone.
    I am truly excited about the future trip to Japan, happy to hear my Japanese does not need to be worked on.
    The Perfumed Dandy is a hoot, love how he writes in the third person and Candy Perfume Boy I have known for years, since he started on BaseNotes. Funny how I never visit BaseNotes yet I made so many connections there. The thing I love about Neil and his writing about scent is how involved it us. He really tends to bring us into his world and we feel like a part of it.
    I hope we will chat again soon. Until then Jenny, be well.

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