Happy 4th of July

Today, being such an important day in US history, I thought I would be inspired.

I think we should look at fragrance outside the box, so to speak, so I am going to partake of a fragrant lovely from the men’s wardrobe-Signoricci.  Signoricci by Nina Ricci is not just a fabulous men’s fragrance, it is a fabulous scent in any situation.  It could be worn by a woman just as easily as by a man.  It opens with a fresh burst (like fireworks) of citrusy goodness; that would be courtesy of the requisite Bergamot and Lemon.  It then works its way into the deliciousness of a green-floral bouquet.  This smells neither like a classic feminine floral, nor a green masculine (with those harsh woody notes sometimes present).  This is a perfectly balanced bouquet, where the leaves and the flowers themselves are melded into a perfect harmony, although the carnation seems to be a bit more showy to my nose than some of the other floral notes; but then again this is marketed as a gentlemen’s fragrance, so the carnation adds a bit more solidity to it.     The fragrance then works its way into a lovely mossy, slightly woodsy dry-down.  I know the cedar-wood in this should give it a more prominent woodsy finish, but on me it tends to stay more close to the mossy, earthiness which one would expect from the vetiver which is also present.  Civet, tonka and labdunum are also present in this scent; but, I find those to just enhance the richness of the composition as a whole, rather than any one taking center-stage.

So, in celebrating Independence Day, I am making a break from the classic female fragrances and embracing those of the opposite gender, how revolutionary …n’est ce pas.